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Optics Express Vol. Express 13 , Accessible Open Access.

Abstract Using the principle of energy conservation and laws of geometrical optics, we derive the photon transport equation for turbid biological media with spatially varying isotropic refractive index. Radiative transfer in a turbid medium with a varying refractive index: comment Margarita L. Scaling property of the diffusion equation for light in a turbid medium with varying refractive index Margarita L.

Hyperbolic Systems and Transport Equations in Mathematical Biology

More Recommended Articles. Light transport in refractive turbid media Vadim Y. Radiative transfer equations with varying refractive index: a mathematical perspective Guillaume Bal J. Arridge, S. Figures 2.

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Transport of an infinitesimally small photon packet with phase space volume, V S 0 , along an infinitesimally small ray tube surrounding a central light ray. Details of the stationary and moving coordinate systems. Equations 54 Equations on this page are rendered with MathJax.

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Because the new mathematical developments are being driven by problems arising in a wide variety of potential applications, it is especially timely to bring together researches who are leading the various different aspects of the recent advances in the field, and to develop a general perspective of the current research advances and opportunities. It is expected that this will be especially beneficial to young researchers, and it is planned to have many young researches participating in the meeting.

We expect that the main topics of the workshop will include: - Transport equations - Stochastic limit type semigroups - Quantum kinetic equations - Applications to Physics, Information and Biology. All Rights Reserved.