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The Routledge Handbook of Events

The third strategy is interreligious dialogue. Stephanie Kaza engages in dialogue with religious naturalism from a Zen Buddhist perspective that highlights areas of convergence and divergence between the two traditions.

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The next section asks what it means to practice religious naturalism. Diverse approaches are represented, including ways to put religious naturalism into practice through spiritual practices, adult education, organizational models, and frameworks for understanding different options for practicing religious naturalism.

This handbook marks a further development in religious naturalism by bringing together a wide variety of religious naturalist thinking in one volume. Sideris objects that some religious naturalists in their quest for a reverence of nature end up with a reverence for science that distances them from nature. Anderson, Hogue, and White provide fruitful avenues for connecting religious naturalism with liberative frameworks.

This handbook acts as a resource for both the layperson and the scholar in the areas of religion and ecology, science and religion, philosophy of religion, ethics, and naturalistic religious practice.

The shift away from anthropocentric thinking introduces a myriad of options and invites us to generate new questions, possibilities, and opportunities. Donald A.

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All Rights Reserved. ISSN X. Often those particular or new expertise are not well covered in existing literature, simply for the reason of being new. But this is also the hallmark of innovation which we hope this alternative handbook will bring to the discipline of European Studies.

We intend to organize a workshop with contributors to define the overall book project as well structure the individual chapter more clearly. The workshop is open to anyone, who wishes to contribute. Contact: Thomas. By Olaf W. By Irina Labeja. By Daphne Maria Dekker. The role of management in increasing engagement amongst hospitality workers. By Robert J. Blomme, Bas Kodden. By Steven Goss-Turner.

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