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To Kill a Mockingbird. To Kill a MockingbirdShoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit 'em, but remember it's a sin to.. Rs Rs 73, There are scenes that I was not sure whether to I've read this one twice. There are scenes that I was not sure whether to laugh at or to cry about, but all in all, there are worse things. I am still disappointed, especially because many things seemed obvious or even too plot-directed.

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In general, she repeats a lot of information. Yes, it's the nature of different viewpoints, but somehow, it just gets tedious. And it's both male and female. It was way underdone, but it was there, at the very least. Now, after "The Magician's Apprentice" and the traitor spy trilogy, I think that if she was planning to make it such a big part of her books, then she could have done it better.

Also, middle aged gay men are a rare sight and kudos to her for making it realistic. Lorkin, also, was more bearable, although… although it was hard to get through a few of his thoughts. In general, I found it tedious to plough through some of the bits. But I have, of course, no real reason to believe that and there is absolutely no proof or reason to worry. I've just contemplated about it.

Ben Macintyre introduces The Spy and the Traitor

But the real reason I'm upset is because there's hardly any dialogue… I'd have liked to better understand the two. I know they're supposed to be drifting apart, but Canavan has failed to me in doing it in a way that I still find Dannyl sympathetic. Because I want to know what the conclusion or the big drama is.

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Because Canavan's strengths lie in the last books. Because I guess I'm still hooked on a few characters. I was disappointed, overall, but not overly. It's a middle book, after all, and there are a few very interesting things about the world which make the read entertaining. And, hey, it got me thinking about the story for a whole day, even if it wasn't in the most positive light.

Those who love Trudi Canavan's style will certainly learn to enjoy it, even if no eternal love may blossom. Jun 19, Maurinejt rated it liked it. This book suffers from the same affliction as the first installment in the series: it was too long for the material. There were too many scenes that didn't need to be there, that only serve as a bit of unnecessary character development and did nothing to advance the plot.

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The worst offender is the thread where a naive novice is introduced who is lead astray by an older girl, and it is blindingly obvious what was going on almost immediately. There is no need to take us in detail through the whole This book suffers from the same affliction as the first installment in the series: it was too long for the material.

There is no need to take us in detail through the whole relationship from their first meeting onwards. Ditto for the odd almost romance with Sonea and her married healer friend; far too much concentrated time is spent on something that ultimately didn't matter and also failed to provide any real tension or doubt. It should have been very much a background to action.

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The novel was also hurt because it was so choppy. There is a ton of points of view that are followed throughout and each lasts for only a couple of pages at the most, often only paragraphs. You just get a sense of the change in scenery and remember what the characters there are doing and you're whisked off somewhere else almost immediately. That being said, I very much enjoyed seeing the culture of the Traitors, the hidden, rebel society run by women; and the sections with Dannyl were interesting as he juggled his precarious role as ambassador and personal concerns.

I also didn't mind the story of the hapless novice once it moved past the painfully predictable. I am most interested in Regin, Sonea's childhood tormenter, about what he's really up now to and what his motivations are in the supportive help he's been offering her. Unfortunately he was basically absent in this book, but I am hoping for a resolution in the next one. Jul 04, Natalie rated it it was ok. It is not like I hated it, but I found it to be very dull. I couldn't get into Trudi Canavan's writing style at all and the way she kept jumping from character to character to character annoyed me.

I never managed to know or care about them, though several seemed like they could be interesting if given the opportunity. Lilia, for example.

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  6. She is a gentle, naive girl just learning about love and she is led to do a foolish, dangerous thing. In did not enjoy this book nearly as much as I had hoped. Instead of shirking her responsibilities or trying to hide, she faces what she did wrong and does her best to make it right, even though it may cost her what she holds most dear. I could respect and like her for that, but since the characters kept switching around I never really got to know her. Lorkin also had some potential, as did Anyi.

    Cery bothered me because in the first book his family was murdered in the first chapter and other than one bout of tears he didn't show any emotion. Their deaths were only mentioned every so often in a half-hearted and ineffectual attempt to elicit an emotional response from the reader. Sonea was completely bland and Dannyl I had trouble paying attention to his storyline because I was so bored. The plot moved very slowly with nothing unexpected or original coming up. Despite all of this, I must confess to a mild curiosity as to how it will end.

    Perhaps when book 3 comes out I will read the last 5 pages. But not the whole book.

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    Better than its predecessor, Canavan gets and keep the plot rolling through the entire book. I liked the introduction of Lilia to the cast, as we haven't had a Novice in this mix yet. Although it's actually nice that the majority of the protagonists in this trilogy are middle-aged. The plot moved much more steadily and continues to not revolve around the magical abilities of the characters as a device to move forward.

    The aspect I continued to have the most trouble with, however, is connecting Better than its predecessor, Canavan gets and keep the plot rolling through the entire book. The aspect I continued to have the most trouble with, however, is connecting emotionally to the characters. It's a bit like a friend telling you a distressing story about someone you've never met.

    You know it must be horrible for them but you only sporadically connect their emotions with yours. There's nothing flawed in the storytelling per se, it's just my preference that I feel what the characters are experiencing. I also like that her characters make intelligent choices and live with them, even when they're working on flawed information. There's a lot to admire in who her characters are as people, which is a nice change from much of what I've read lately. Recommended to Canavan's fans and general fantasy readers.

    Easily appropriate for teens as well, for those who are concerned with content warnings. Aug 22, Lauren rated it really liked it. I felt that this book focused more on the characters we know and love, and was much more exciting and fast paced. I also loved references and parallels to th Black Magician Trilogy - especially the waterfall!

    Traitor Spy trilogy

    I fell in love with Dannyl in the first book, and when I found out he was gay it broke my heart. I've just gotten used to the fact that Tayend 'stole' him from me, and was actually rather starting to like them as a couple - now, in this series, their relationship has fallen apart and Dannyl is looking elsewhere! I'm sorry, but Dannyl would never look at anyone other than Tayend.

    They loved each other so much.