The executive guide to innovation : turning good ideas into great results

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It is then about applying their best ideas to our own brands, through appropriate tools and templates. Together, over the 12 sessions, we build a practical, relevant and new roadmap for your brand and its future. This is a shortened version of the 3 day executive development program by Peter Fisk which is available to companies.

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There are also a range of other development programs and consulting solutions for leadership, business strategy, innovation and marketing. Uniquely amongst business schools, it is practically set in the context of a changing world — with incredible opportunities to grow in innovative ways — but also where tensions such as technology vs humanity, global vs local, and business vs consumer are challenging businesses to rethink, reinvent and refocus.

Focusing on leadership in a world of disruptive change, the Global AMP will help you understand the underlying trends driving the future which are already shaking up your industry, explore the threats and opportunities these bring, and respond accordingly. Divided into 5 core academic modules, each designed and orchestrated by expert faculty, the program will lead you through the challenge of understanding mega-trends such as technological change, our role in a world where AI and robotics make many traditional jobs irrelevant, scarce physical resources and changing demographics.

How will you shape the new markets formed by these trends to the advantage of your business? Where will you focus, and how will you compete? How will you engage with the future customers — Asian, millennial, female — and those in markets that do not even exist today? What are your new business models to drive speed, agility and profitable growth? The program focuses on devising new solutions, delivered by the right organisations and strategies, to succeed in such a brave new world. Energising and aligning the business to the strategic needs of the future will require that it becomes faster and more agile and we will learn how to use areas such as finance and operations, partnerships and networks, as levers for growth.

Most significantly, we will help you develop yourself as a leader of this dynamic world — to build a leadership platform, and exploit it skilfully to implement change that builds organisations that are themselves a source of competitive strength. Alongside these academic modules, the program also includes practical application, with each participant developing a Gamechanger Project from they will create a blueprint for the future of their industry, a plan for how their business can reinvent itself, and define their own role in leading their company or division towards this future successfully.

Finally, the Leadership Development Plan helps each participant, along with an individual advisor, focus on their own specific strengths and weaknesses and actions that they can take to become an effective leader, and to sustain high personal and business performance. World Changing : Making sense of change, exploring megatrends and their medium and longer-term implications, and choosing your future direction.

The rise of emerging markets, new technologies and next generation audiences, is matched by the increasing scarcity of resources, social fragmentation and climate impact. Philosophically, we will also look back to the age of genius, and the lessons for the future. Digital markets have no boundaries, allowing the smallest business to have huge impact, and accelerating the convergence of sectors and businesses. In this context, the market-shaping module will guide you in engaging with future customers, shaping markets to your advantage and ultimately developing a market map that can help focus your business to win in future markets.

Disruptive Innovation : Disruption comes from all angles — entrepreneurial start-ups challenging established giants, new technologies replacing inefficient processes, simplicity outperforming complexity, and customers challenging businesses to do better. The impact can be dramatic, reputations can be made and destroyed in days, whilst long admired companies are wiped off the map.

The aim of this module is to learn how to turn the tables and become the disrupter by quickly developing insights and ideas, driving innovative strategies and business models, that can be delivered in fast and efficient ways. Energizing Organizations : Business thrives on an inspiring purpose, an alignment for action, and priorities and incentives that engage people to high performance. Organisations also need the agility to continually adapt and respond to changing markets, to develop new capabilities and partnerships, and reach new markets.

The objective of this module is to help you energize your organization, develop a strategy, along with the metrics to constantly measure its implementation, and align financial and operational resources to deliver results effectively. Amplified Leadership : The best leaders amplify the impact of their people and their business.

Executive Development

Developing a leadership that is relevant to them and their people, they inspire and engage, connect and support the business to deliver against long-term directions and short-term priorities. Leaders of the future, will need to be adept at leading and managing change in a way that unlocks talent and performance. The outcome of this module will be to a help participants lead themselves, their teams and their business.

For this reason, the module works through all the other modules to connect ideas and future action.

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  • The Executive Guide To Innovation: Turning Good Ideas Into Great Results;

Leaders are, of course, much more than functional managers. They see a bigger picture, work across the organization, and connect activities for more impact. The 5 Global AMP modules, rather than addressed in isolation will be carefully knitted together throughout the duration of the program, to demonstrate the opportunities and implications of every decision and action across the business.

Participants will work on an individual, evaluated project throughout the program. It will deliver five specific outcomes, in the form of maps, that will be of value to you and to your company.

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Together they form a blueprint for the future. Progress on the project will be checked in peer to peer presentations and participants will have access to tutors to guide their work. This will be underpinned by the Leadership Development Plan which supports the individual in how they will develop themselves to deliver this effectively. Based in Madrid, IE is ranked the top business school in Europe, and distinguished by its innovative and entrepreneurial approach to learning. We work together to design and deliver customized development programs in strategy, innovation and marketing.

Blended learning experiences combine digital learning with custom programs in your own location. Over a decade we have collaborated to develop business excellence in the Turkish market, focusing on leadership and strategy, innovation and marketing. Executive Development Peter Fisk leads a range of development programs, fusing his in-depth expertise on the best and next practices in strategy, innovation and marketing with the challenges of leadership, change and performance.

Developed together … most strategies are developed remotely, based on analytics and process, based on financial numbers and then turned into supporting words. Instead we work together, using hypothesis and data, to engage in strategic view and shared commitment. Practical and agile … most strategies are stuck in a document, difficult to communicate and implement. Instead our outputs are a strategy framework and most practically, a roadmap for action, focused on inputs, activities and outputs each year.

Instead we develop a holistic business approach to innovation, that is integrated and can be about innovative business models, channels, processes, and more. Customer driven … innovation is driven by deep insight, not just about what customers believe they need, but how they describe their frustrations and aspirations, typically more human and qualitataive.

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Design thinking turns these deep insights practical innovations. We connect and apply the best of design thinking, business model generation and lean implementation.

The Executive Guide To Innovation Turning Good Ideas Into Great Results

Instead we focus on business and brand leaders, using their creative minds to build more ideas and a mindset for disruption. Open up and close down … most creative processes leave you with lots of ideas, but little guidance on what to do next. Instead we have a structured process of stretching further to generate more, unusual ideas , and then evaluating quickly to connect the best ideas, and eliminate the others. Ready to make practical … most workshops finish, and thats it.

Instead we spend one extra day capturing all the best ideas in the room typically around past-it notes, and flip charts! Measure and Manage: Learning quickly to shape, evolve and improve solutions in situ 3. Instead we identify how to align the organisation culturally and structurally to deliver the new strategy. Quick wins and progress … the horizon-based approach roadmap, how to progressively deliver the strategy over time, delivering quick wins in the short term, and planning for effective phased implementation with a compelling narrative to support each phase.

To Asia or South America? New products, or services? New business models are the most effective way to transform organisations, to innovate the whole way in which the business works. We explore at least 64 different business model templates which could transform your business.

The best companies increasingly shape their industries in their own vision. They redesign them to their advantage, and even in ways which make it hard for other companies to compete. Whilst disruption is typically overused as a term and under delivered in reality, it can be a powerful approach to strategic thinking, holistic innovation and culture change..

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Example of a recent program: Disruption Day Geneva. What does it takes to engage your business in your big idea, deliver it effectively, and your leadership role in executing that successfully? Turning a great idea into successful results is never easy. Both matter, but doing it matters most. Whilst the business certainly has a great heritage, it is not fast cars that investors are interested in. It is the brand. In particular the opportunity to shift its meaning from fast cars, to luxury lifestyle.

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Yet be it the innovation of new products and services around it an existing market, or through brand extensions into adjacent categories and geographies, either directly or through licensing-type models, the brand can take your business further and faster, at less risk and less cost. Customers are changing even more rapidly, millennial to boomer, social and mobile, empowered and aspiring.

Business is changing in response, start-ups and networks, co-creaters and collaborative, digital and data, fast and agile.