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Cordage, Bindcraft and Basic Knots Cordage and binding with natural materials. The 7 most useful knots. Nylon cord as a survival kit component. Signals Signal Fires. Signal Mirror.

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Useful ground to air signals 9. Fasting or Living off the Land When to fast. When to live off the land. Kits First Aid. Travel When to travel. Using a map and compass. The Roycraft pack frame. Roycraft snowshoes in winter. Identification of the Natural Vegetation Crafting with Natural Material. Objectives: To define modern survival To prepare the participant for the outdoor practical training phase To cover the topics that are most conveniently presented through lecturing in the class room Topics Defining the difference between survival and wilderness living skills. Preparation through training and simulation.

Prevention, Mitigation and Rehabilitation processes defined. The mental processes in survival: calm vs panic, optimism vs depression, positive attitude vs negative attitude, understanding vs fear, biological vs mechanical time.

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Clothing, one of the most important factors in survival preparedness. How to dress for the practical bush phase. Knowing how the make yourself comfortable enough to meet your need for sleep. The sleeping bag and mat as a survival kit component.

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Fire and survival. Fire lighting tools, kindling and types of fire lays.

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Students practice the flint and steel method of fire lighting with stone and broken hacksaw blades provided by the instructor. Students may put together a primitive candle lantern. Water consumption in survival.

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  • The pot as a survival kit component. Purifying water.

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    The survival knife defined. Students learn sharpening and skilful use of the knife. Students construct and use sharpening boards in learning how to sharpen. Students carve a try stick and a netting needle. Basic navigation with and without a map and compass. The personal first aid kit.

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    Survival shelters. Primitive shelters. The last weekend is taking place on the Island Brac, in Sutivan, where the basics of field work will be introduced. A one week holiday period is scheduled from July 29 - August 5 During this time the participants may choose between a number of activities. Please note that, however, these activities are not included in the price of the summer school. Before you start the application process, please take the time to prepare your dossier, so you can easily fill out the form without getting caught off-guard by a question!

    The document should not exceed 2 pages and should be well organized. Have a colleague check it, a fresh pair of eyes will always catch another typo you might have missed. Please only submit documents in PDF format. A Reference letter: Ask a mentor or professor to provide you a recommendation letter and please submit it in PDF format. An oral presentation of a scientific concept recorded as a video: This video is an essential part of your application.

    Please take a moment to develop an oral presentation without visuals about one scientific concept. The video should be minimum 2 min and maximum 3 minutes long. We should see you presenting clearly and hear your clearly. Beyond the basics Your name, birthdate, Take some time to think about previous projects you've worked on exchange semesters you've done and important experiences academic and otherwise you've made in your life.

    Remember, there is no "wrong" way to answer these questions. Once the application window is closed we will collect all applications and first discard all incomplete dossiers.

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    We will then carefully read all applications and examine the dossiers. While academic achievements are important we will focus our attention also on your ability to communicate clearly and on your motivation to work in interdisciplinary and international environments. Take your survival skills to the next level! Our Ancient Artisans clinic will give you a working knowledge of the ancient techniques that transform mere survival into a sustainable outdoor existence.

    Looking for a personalized survival course, guided outdoor adventure, or unique corporate event? Look no further! Our custom courses, trips, and teambuilding events can be taylored specifically to meet your exact needs.