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It scared me so bad, I bolted down the sidewalk of main street, away from there. Tripping and stublimg the whole way, trying to get away from there and trying not to hit any body else walking down main street. I lived downtown Hardy for the past 15 years. I not only lived in a haunted home but saw and felt many things. Hardy in my opinion is one of the most haunted towns ever.

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In my house alone doors would open and close things would be found for you and laid in a spot you would be sure to find and definitely not where it was before. Our family has quite a few of theses stories but the best and sweetest story is of my daughter in law and grand baby. She laid the baby on the bed to dry and dress herself , the baby started crying. Then she heard ssssshhhhhh shush shush right next to her. We were pretty sure that Mrs Burton was one of our ghost she loved all our kids and was a calming protective influence over the home.

I stopped and really looked and yeah still moving around, okay deep breath now I have the creaps but I stay still and look for light sources that would create the illusion of shadow humans moving back and forth between the trees and nothing it was at the end of summer lots of leaves still on their tree or bush just no reason for the shadow people.

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I ran over the bridge and well over the tracks before smoking and over weight made me stop and them I still walked very quickly. Well that is a couple of my experiences in Hardy we had quite a few happen to us there maybe I will write more of them later. Been a while for updates I see.

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I work across the street and we have our products stored there. I have seen footage of things and I do believe ghosts are present.

Once a friend of mine taunted the spirits. We got out of there. Bill Sketoe; Chapter 2. Toggle navigation Home. Contact Copyright Privacy. Home Shadows and Cypress: Southern Ghost Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device.

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