Rites of Privacy and the Privacy Trade: On the Limits of Protection for the Self

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It is enforced against the state and ordinary people by our courts. Everybody is equal before the law and entitled to enjoy rights and freedoms under the law. The state cannot discriminate against you whether you are white, black, man, woman, gay, married, pregnant, blind, disabled, young, old, Muslim, Hindu, Christian, non-believer, and English, Afrikaans, Zulu etc. However, laws can be made to promote people who were unfairly discriminated against in the past. IF you are detained, you will be entitled to a trial before a court of law.

Nobody should be tortured, treated or punished in a manner which is cruel. Nobody may control you or your body.

The Rights of Privacy and Publicity Under Massachusetts Law

Slavery and forced labour is not allowed. This does not mean that a job at the local shoe shop during summer holidays is slavery and forced labour. Everyone has the right to be left alone. This includes that right not to be searched, and have your possessions taken away from you without your consent. You have the right to communicate freely without interference, unless a court decides otherwise.

You have a right to practice whatever religion or belief you wish and to have your thoughts and ideas protected. The state must treat all religions equally and not support one religion over another. You have the right to think what you want, to say what you want and nobody can deny you this right.

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However, this right does not allow you to spread hatred between people of different races, religions and sexes. You have the right to organise unarmed peaceful meetings, picket and present petitions, regarding a particular issue to whomever you wish. You are allowed to belong to any organisation of your choice and to mix with anybody of your choice. You have the right to form and join a political party of your choice.

You have the right to vote freely, without intimidation, in an election and to stand for an election. Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and to leave the country. As a South African you are allowed to travel in and out of South Africa. You cannot be denied a passport without a valid reason. Everyone has the right to choose a job of their choice and to trade freely. However, this right may be regulated by law. Workers must be treated fairly by their employers.

The employers can also form their own organisations like workers form trade unions. Both workers and employers can participate in these organisations of their choice. Nobody can take away your property without a valid reason. If your property is taken away, you are entitled to compensation based on what your property is presently worth.

Anybody or any community who has been dispossessed of their property under Apartheid laws shall be entitled to claim the land back or be paid for the value of that land. The government should take all necessary steps within its available limited resources to give all people equal access to land. Everyone has the right to be given access to adequate housing.

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Nobody can evict you from your property without a court order. You have the right to all basic health care. Everyone should have access to food and water. That state must take reasonable steps to ensure that these rights are secured. Every child has the right to be named and cared for by a family. A child may only be detained if it is the last resort, and only for a short while.

Children under the age of 18 years should be kept separately from adults in detention. Children have the right to shelter, health care and to be properly fed. Everyone has the basic right to education including education for adults.


You can report these to the Police. Human Rights Commission - make a complaint. Report a hate crime New Zealand Police. Domestic or family violence is an important human rights issue, and it is against the law in New Zealand. Family violence - more information. Family violence - get help Women's Refuge. The legal reference manual prepared by Community Law has a chapter on the rights of children and young people.

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Youth legal rights Community Law. Everyone who works in New Zealand has the same basic rights in the workplace, regardless of what work you do or what position you hold.

What is privacy?- Kenyan perspectives on digital privacy

New Zealand has laws to protect you from misleading advertising, faulty goods, poor workmanship, unfair trading and other problems you might meet as a consumer. More information is available from Consumer Protection. Consumer rights - different languages Commerce Commission. Always keep receipts, quotes and estimates, copies of agreements and similar documents. They can be a great help if you have a problem later on. The Code applies to a wide range of treatments from both public and private providers. This chapter also covers the privacy of your health information and mental health treatment.

If English is not your first language, the Health and Disability Commissioner website has information in over 40 other languages. Health and disability Community Law. Your rights Health and Disability Commissioner. Individuals have the right to understand who holds their information and why, and the right to review and correct that information. New Zealand Police. The standards differ slightly depending on the format, eg radio, free-to-air tv, pay tv or election programme.

You can complain to the BSA if you think a programme breaches any of the following standards:. The ASA checks that advertising complies with the law, is truthful not misleading or deceptive, and is socially responsible. You can complain to the ASA if you think advertising breaches any of the advertising Codes. These cover:. Ethics, people in advertising, food, comparatvie advertising and environmental claims are also covered until 1 February As in most countries, people in New Zealand may need legal help in a range of different situations.

Read more. Our employment laws help keep workplaces fair. Know your rights and responsibilities. Your feedback is very important in helping us improve the New Zealand Now website. Skip to main content. Move to New Zealand.

Rites of Privacy and the Privacy Trade: On the Limits of Protection for the Self

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