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When you write a mission statement, this is the part that describes your spark, or the passion behind your business. Why does your business do what it does? For some people, it helps to think back on why they started their business in the first place. This is what our three mission statement examples might look like when you add "why" to them:. When you're finished, have another look at your mission statement and see if it says what you want to say or if there's a better way of phrasing it.

Be sure to change the phrase "my company's purpose" to the name of your company. Once you've crafted your business's new mission statement, you'll want to put it to work right away. As the statement of why your business exist, it's also the statement that explains to them why they would want to do business with you.

Step 2 – Craft your unique personal mission statement

Some businesses go so far as to make their mission statements the themes of their advertising campaigns. If you do nothing else, you should make sure your mission statement is highly visible in your business premises, on your website if you have one, and on all your marketing materials. A good mission statement isn't just a slogan, it's an operations manual and it can't provide the guidance it's intended to provide if people aren't familiar with it. The non-profit problem solver: A management guide. Olenick, J.

A non-profit organization operating manual: planning for survival and growth.

The Five-Step Plan for Creating Personal Mission Statements

Stonich, P. Implementing strategy: making strategy happen.

How to Write a Mission Statement That Doesn't Suck

Cambridge: Ballinger Publishing Company. Unterman, I. Strategic management of not-for-profit organizations. Wolff, T. Managing a non-profit organization. American Planning Association Massachusetts Ave. Skip to main content. Toggle navigation Navigation. Chapter 8.

2. Be specific.

Chapter 8 Sections Section 1. Creating Objectives Section 4. Developing an Action Plan Section 6. Section 7. The Tool Box needs your help to remain available. Toggle navigation Chapter Sections.

Section 1. Learn how to develop effective vision and mission statements to effectively communicate the work of your organization or effort. What is a vision statement? What is a mission statement? Why should you create vision and mission statements? How do you create vision and mission statements? A future where tobacco is a thing of the past. Habitat for Humanity What is a mission statement?

Step 3 – Build in some accountability

Some general guiding principles about mission statements are that they are: Concise. While not as short as vision statements, mission statements generally still get their point across in one sentence. Mission statements explain the fundamental outcomes your organization is working to achieve. While mission statements do make statements about your group's key goals, it's very important that they do so very broadly.

Good mission statements are not limiting in the strategies or sectors of the community that may become involved in the project. The following examples should help you understand what we mean by effective mission statements. Promoting community health and development by connecting people, ideas and resources. Our mission is to eliminate Alzheimer's disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health. Having a clear and compelling vision statement has other advantages, such as: Drawing people to common work Giving hope for a better future Inspiring community members to realize their dreams through positive, effective action Providing a basis for developing the other aspects of your action planning process: your mission, objectives, strategies, and action plans Having a clear and compelling mission statement also has more advantages, such as: Converting the broad dreams of your vision into more specific, action-oriented terms Explaining your goals to interested parties in a clear and concise manner Enhancing your organization's image as being competent and professional, thus reassuring funding sources that their investment was or would be!

Learn what is important to people in your community As developing your vision and mission statements is the first step in creating your action plan, it is especially important that these first steps are well grounded in community beliefs and values. Decide what to ask No matter if you are talking to one person or a crowd, your purpose is the same: to learn what matters in your community.

What Is a Vision Statement?

What would you like to see change? What kind of community or program, policy, school, neighborhood, etc. What do you see as the community's or school's, neighborhood's, etc. What do you see as the community's major strengths and assets? What do you think should be the purpose of this organization or effort? Why should these issues be addressed? What would success look like? Decide on the general focus of your organization Once members of your organization have heard what the community has to say, it's time to decide the general focus of your organization or initiative. Develop your vision and mission statements Now that your organization has a clearer understanding of what the group will do and why, you are in a prime position to develop the statements that will capture your ideas.

Vision Statements First of all, remind members of your organization that it often takes several vision statements to fully capture the dreams of those involved in a community improvement effort. As you do this, remind the group of: What you have learned from your discussions with community members What your organization has decided will be your focus What you learned about vision statements at the beginning of this section If you have a hard time getting started, you might wish to check out some of the vision statements in this section's Examples.

Does it give hope for a better future? Will it inspire community members to realize their dreams through positive, effective action?

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Does it provide a basis for developing the other aspects of your action planning process? Mission Statements The process of writing your mission statement is similar to developing your vision statements. After brainstorming possible statements, you will want to answer questions for each one: Does it describe what your organization will do and why it will do it? Is it concise one sentence? Is it outcome oriented? Is it inclusive of the goals and people who may become involved in the organization?

Together, your organization can decide on a statement that best meets these criteria.

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Obtain consensus on your vision and mission statements Once members of your organization have developed your vision and mission statements, your next step might be to learn what other community members think of them before you use the statements regularly. After all, these are nothing more than feel-good platitudes destined for a slide deck or a brochure someday, right? In some cases, they may be. Some companies write down a few broad statements, file them away, and think their job is done.

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Even fewer know how to apply their organization's values to their day-to-day work. Mission and values statements can help to define your company: who you are, who you employ, what you stand for, and where you're going next. But the work isn't in defining your mission and values -- that's the easy part. In order to bring them to life, your mission and values must be connected in real ways to the day-to-day work of your business. Here are some things we do at my company to help accomplish that and bring our mission and values to life:.

There's virtually nothing more important for a company's success than hiring and keeping great employees. But a great employee isn't just someone who's smart, talented, and hard-working -- they must also believe in the same things you do.