Its All for Sale: The Control of Global Resources

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Two have a corner on the private market for drinking water. In terms of actual dollars, trade in heroin, cocaine, and tobacco ranks alongside that in grain or metals. There are more slaves in the world today than ever before.

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Resource by resource,Itrs"s All for Saleuncovers and discloses who owns, buys, and sells what. Some resources-such as fuel, metals, fertilizers, drugs, fibers, food, forests, and flowers-have, for better or worse, long been thought of as commodities.

There are not enough resources to support the world's population

Others-including fresh water, human beings, the sky, the oceans, and life itself in the form of genetic codes -are more startling to think of as products with price tags, but, as James Ridgeway shows, they are treated as such on a massive scale in lucrative markets around the world. Revealing the surprisingly small number of companies that control many of the basic commodities we use in everyday life,Itrs"s All for Saleconfirms in specific detail that globalization has been accompanied by an extraordinary concentration of ownership.

At the same time, it is about much more than what company has cornered the market in corn or diamonds. Corporations and captains of industry, wars and swindles, oppressors and the oppressed, empires and colonies, military might and commercial power, economic boom and bust-all these come alive in Ridgewayrs"s canny and arresting reporting about the global scramble for power and profit.

The 2030 Agenda Global Control of ALL Natural Resources and More

Brazil and Peru for example, make a lot of money from The Amazon Forests, which is super diverse in trees and animals. Crude oil is another important natural resource. From Crude oil, we get many petroleum products such as petrol, diesel and gas.

Global Resources & Infrastructure Fund

We use these to fuel our cars and provide energy to warm and cool our homes. But Crude oil is not evenly distributed all over the world. Below is an illustration of how much each region of the world produces. Regions with crude oil can drill oil and sell to regions without oil, and also buy resources such as timber and precious metals gold, diamonds and silver from other regions that have them in abundance.

The uneven distribution is also the root of power and greed in many regions. Some countries use their wealth in resources to control and manipulate regions with fewer resources.

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