Freedom wherever we go: a Buddhist monastic code for the 21st century

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That time of the week when some people come, and some people go.

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During peak summer months, up to six thousands people -- mostly youth -- come from all over the world to Taize each week. They've been coming for over half a century -- and are still growing. People -- from the Pope to politicians wishing to capture young hearts -- have been wondering for decades why the youths keep coming to Taize.

Nobody really knows. In fact, materially, Taize has little to recommend itself. The food is famously bland. You should not blame others for your breaking the law. Many people are giving their signatures stating they abandon Shugden worship ONLY because they are afraid of your punishment if they do not. There are clear reports in the newspapers about these punishments. Others sign because they are your friends who are trying to protect your reputation. You received a copy of our previous report and have not replied. Your silence proves that you have no valid evidence and that you have lied.

Since , you have continually said publicly that Shugden practice is harming your life and Tibetan independence. Many people who have blind faith in you believe what you say without investigating the actual truth.

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Consequently, they are extremely angry with Shugden practitioners and try to remove them from their society by many different means such as humiliation, provocation, intimidation, threatening, ostracism, removing jobs and positions, denying services, spreading false rumours, lies, manipulation, not allowing others to have material or spiritual relationship with them, not giving the monks food in their monasteries, not allowing the monks to attend classes and services at their monasteries, and forcing them to sign a promise that they will abandon the worship of the Deity Shugden.

Through your actions of this lie, all Tibetans throughout the world are divided into two groups: 1 those who believe what you say concerning Dorje Shugden and who are consequently angry with Dorje Shugden practitioners, and 2 those who do not believe what you say concerning Dorje Shugden and are experiencing ostracism and great suffering and sorrow.

This situation pervades everywhere in the East and in the West. The entire Tibetan community have lost their trust, peace and harmony, and are experiencing a very dangerous situation. The source of all these problems is you. Through your negative policies, the Kagyupas are divided into two groups, and they have lost their trust, peace and harmony, and their common spiritual activities. Gelugpas are also divided into two groups 1 those who follow your view believing that Shugden is an evil spirit, and 2 those who believe that Shugden is a Wisdom Buddha, and have subsequently lost their trust, peace and harmony, and their common spiritual activities and live in a dangerous situation.

Until now you have repeatedly said that you are not seeking Tibetan independence and that you have not done anything to promote Tibetan independence, yet now you organise demonstrations against China!

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You are enjoying life in your luxurious palace while the poor Tibetan people are experiencing great suffering and danger. Your actions have caused all the Tibetans who live in Tibet to have a very difficult life because you have destroyed their internal trust, peace and harmony. As soon as you arrived to India as a refugee you made a plan to transform the four traditions of Tibetan Buddhism—Nyngma, Sakya, Kagyu and Gelug—into one single tradition called Rigme Non Lineage tradition.

This was your method to destroy the pure lineages of the Nyngma, Sakya, Kagyu and Gelug and make you alone the head of all of them by establishing a new tradition. In this way you now have complete power and control of everything at a spiritual, political and material level. Tibetan people believe that Gungthang Tsultrim was killed by people working for you. Later, some other important members of the Tso Kha Chusum suddenly died, and people believed your organizations created the conditions for their death.

It is said that you have a secret organization in New Delhi, led by your brother whose function is to destroy or kill anyone who opposes your plan. According to some sources, you were born in a Muslim family. When you were a child who did not know anything, some ignorant Tibetans acting as representatives of the Tibetan Government chose that boy as the reincarnation of the Tibetan Dalai Lama. In this way, you received the position of the Tibetan Dalai Lama. Because of this, many people now keep your photograph on their shrines and worship you.

You have received a higher education in Buddhism from your kind teacher Trijang Rinpoche.

However, the sad situation is that after you arrived to India your behaviour changed. In both India and Tibet, many Shugden temples, shrines, statues, paintings and texts have been unlawfully destroyed, and many monks have been expelled from their monasteries. Following your orders, the authorities of the monasteries are continually making efforts to expel the monks who have devotion for Trijang Rinpoche and who practise Dorje Shugden.

In this way, you have caused millions of people great suffering and sorrow. All these horrible situations have developed through the power of your evil actions. This is our valid evidence to prove that you are not Buddhist. Because of this, we also believe that you are the saffron robed Muslim.

Throughout your life you have pretended to be a Buddhist holy being giving Buddhist teachings that you have stolen from Trijang Rinpoche. By doing this, you have cheated people throughout the world. In summary, it is clear that your real nature is cruel and very evil. The Western Shugden Society is only the community or confederation of Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden practitioners it has no leader nor registered office. The Western Shugden Society softened this vitriolic manifest a little bit after receiving complaints by some Shugden-Lamas who feared their reputation would be destroyed irretrievably.

The complete text was probably written by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. The revised version of it can be read at the WSS-Website or here. In general the website of the WSS gives the impression of a hate-filled denigration campaign against the Dalai Lama. When H. The WSS approach of putting the blame onto a single person, H. All phenomena are interconnected and arise due to many different causes and conditions; they are dependent arising.

The view from inside the Shugden Supporters Community was almost a photographic negative of everything the outside world believes about Tibet and the Dalai Lama. But the dispute over Dorje Shugden makes no sense in terms of practical politics in the West. It has already directed a great deal of media attention on the NKT and its elastic ways with truth. Some of the mud being flung at the Dalai Lama will probably stick.

The reputation of Tibetan Buddhism as a uniquely clean and rational religion will certainly be damaged. The only lasting winners from the row will be the Chinese, who have mounted a fresh campaign of repression inside Tibet this spring.

Also this article Sept. Ordained NKT monks and nuns did have active sexual relationships with each other as well as lay members and these relationships were not disciplined within the organisation. Members report that they complained to the NKT leadership and addressed requests for help to Geshe Kelsang himself.

Freedom Wherever We Go

In this way the scandals were covered up for a very long time. When the scandals finally became public via Internet E-Sangha the involved persons were immediately removed from their positions and the NKT websites. The leadership tried to hide the facts by giving different misleading information, such as Gen Samden wishes to go into retreat etc. The internal scandals were not cleared or counselled, victims received little support or help.