Fighting to Serve: Behind the Scenes in the War to Repeal Dont Ask, Dont Tell"

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Prior to that role, she served as Senior Counsel to the Deputy Director of the Bureau, advising senior agency executives on policy and oversight issues and preparing for testimony before the United States Congress. From to , Katherine was counsel at WilmerHale, where she had a substantial pro bono practice, representing reproductive rights organizations, immigrants, and other individuals in cases alleging discrimination and other civil rights issues.

The Mexican-American War and the Media, 1845-1848

She holds a J. Jafri has been with Lockheed Martin since June as the lead cryptography expert, designing complex cryptographic solutions for NSA certification. Alongside cryptography, she has served as the Lead Systems Engineer on Medical Signature Analysis System where she co-developed patented concepts in nanotechnology for weapons and medical signature detection. Outside of work, Dr.

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Jafri is a proud mom of two children 8 and 10 yrs old and a STEM advocate, volunteering, mentoring and giving motivational talks on overcoming adversity and embracing diversity in STEM careers. Corporate Counsel Institute. Morgan represents insurers, and reinsurers in transactions, restructurings, reinsurance transactions, mergers, acquisitions, shell transactions, affiliations, joint ventures and insurance program arrangements, as well as providing regulatory and business counseling to a wide range of U.

He also focuses on advising health insurers and HMOs regarding formation, licensure, operations, compliance, strategy, and mergers and acquisitions. Concurrent Session E : August 8, pm - pm Pathways to the Judiciary Ronald Vaske - Ron Vaske focuses on matters involving banking, payment systems, and commercial transactions. He provides advice to banks, service providers, program managers and financial services companies in nearly all areas of their business, including compliance, regulatory supervision and enforcement, privacy, data security, and third party relationships. He also advises on issues related to emerging payment systems and the implementation of new financial products.

Ron regularly assists clients in relationships with financial institutions and third party service providers. Trump seems to have been compromised at this point, and his support of the establishment favourite, Luther Strange is evidence that he isn't really the outsider he claimed to be. Moore's victory in Alabama says the rebellion still has wheels, so there is some hope. It will be interesting to see how he, and his counterparts in other states do in the primaries. Both of the current Missouri Senators are worthless.

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I remember well the last "3-Dimensional Chess master" Obama while he too was always out maneuvering his apponents, per the media reports Every now and then Trump tends to make huge blunders, and sometimes betrayals without knowing what he is doing. What Trump has done are disasters, and equates to treason. But most treasonous of all was his sending DACA to "get it right", really?

Congress has only one goal with immigration, amnesty, and Chump knows dam well they will send him legislation that will clearly or covertly grant amnesty for millions and millions of illegals, dressed up as "security". Why is it when it's something Americans want, it has to be "Constitutional", but when it comes form his banker pals, like starting a war, he can do that unilaterally. Trump should always have been seen as a likely Zionist shill. Either Zero Hedge is over run with Zionist hasbara, giving cover to their boy Chump, or Americans on the "right" have become as gullible as those who supported Obama on the "left".

I think that would qualify as not smart, but genius. Trump realDonaldTrump January 6, Do you think he's like really smart and a stable genius? He ran against 17 Republicans and crushed us all. He ran against a Clinton machine and won. So all I can say is you can say anything you want to say about the guy. I said he was xenophobic race-baiting religious bigot. I ran out of things to say. He won. Guess what he's our president. Again I'll tell you why. I went into this thing not voting.

I didn't vote for the guy. If one takes Trump at his word, the U.

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Bush and Barack Obama. And equally ridiculous are the potential consequences of such bullying — the White House clearly believes that it will make other nations respect us and follow our leadership whereas quite the reverse is likely to be true. On the very limited bright side, Trump did have good things to say about the benefits derived from intelligence sharing with Russia and he also spoke about both Moscow and Beijing as "rivals" and "adversaries" instead of enemies. That was very refreshing to hear but unfortunately the printed document did not say the same thing. The NSS report provided considerably more detail than did the speech but it also was full of generalizations and all too often relied on Washington group think to frame its options.

The beginning is somewhat terrifying for one of my inclinations on foreign policy:. It is an America that can preserve peace, uphold liberty, and create enduring advantages for the American people. Putting America first is the duty of our government and the foundation for U.

A strong America is in the vital interests of not only the American people, but also those around the world who want to partner with the United States in pursuit of shared interests, values, and aspirations. One has to ask what this "lead" and "leadership" and "partner" nonsense actually represents, particularly in light of the fact that damn near the entire world just repudiated Trump's decision to move the American Embassy in Israel as well as the nearly global rejection of his response to climate change?

And Washington's alleged need to lead has brought nothing but grief to the American people starting in Korea and continuing with Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and numerous lesser stops along the way in places like Somalia, Panama and Syria. The false narrative of the threat coming from "foreigners" has actually done nothing to make Americans safer while also diminishing constitutional liberties and doing serious damage to the economy. The printed report is much more brutal than was Trump about the dangers facing America and it is also much more carefree in the "facts" that it chooses to present.

It says, with extreme hyperbole, that "China and Russia challenge American power, influence, and interests, attempting to erode American security and prosperity.

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They are determined to make economies less free and less fair, to grow their militaries, and to control information and data to repress their societies and expand their influence. At the same time, the dictatorships of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the Islamic Republic of Iran are determined to destabilize regions, threaten Americans and our allies, and brutalize their own people. A somewhat more detailed account of what Moscow is up to is also contained in the written report, stating that "Russia is using subversive measures to weaken the credibility of America's commitment to Europe, undermine transatlantic unity, and weaken European institutions and governments.

With its invasions of Georgia and Ukraine, Russia demonstrated its willingness to violate the sovereignty of states in the region. Russia continues to intimidate its neighbors with threatening behavior, such as nuclear posturing and the forward deployment of offensive capabilities. Nearly every detail in the indictment of Russia can be challenged.

Most notably, if anyone is forward deploying offensive capabilities in Eastern Europe or invading other countries it is the United States, a trend that continues under Donald Trump.

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Just this past week, Trump approved the sale of offensive weapons to Ukraine, which has already drawn a warning from Moscow and will make any dialogue with Russia unlikely. And, of course, there is the usual softball for Israel claiming that "For generations the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has been understood as the prime irritant preventing peace and prosperity in the region. Today, the threats from jihadist terrorist organizations and the threat from Iran are creating the realization that Israel is not the cause of the region's problems.

One might observe that as Israel has attacked all of its neighbors since it was founded, holding its governments blameless is a formulation that others in the region might well dispute. So the Donald Trump National Security Strategy will be more of the same, a combination of the worst ideas to emerge from his two predecessors with little in the way of mitigation.

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  • Khan Sheikhoun gas attack?

Trump might balk at going toe-to-toe with North Korea because they have the actual capability to strike back and might think they have nothing to lose if they are about to be incinerated, something no bully likes to see, but Iran is certainly in the cross hairs and you best believe they have taken notice and will be preparing. Vladimir Putin too can sit back and wonder how Trump could possibly have gotten everything so ass-backwards when he had so much latitude to get at least some things right. The National Security Strategy will deliver little in the way of security but it will provide an answer to why most of the world has come to hate the United States.

Northern Star , , December 21, at pm. There was a sinister plot to meddle in the election, after all. Likewise, the perpetrators didn't speak Russian or write in the Cyrillic script. In fact, they were lifetime beltway insiders occupying the highest positions of power in the US government. To a person, the participants in this illicit cabal shared the core trait that made Obama such a blight on the nation's well-being. To wit, he never held an honest job outside the halls of government in his entire adult life; and as a careerist agent of the state and practitioner of its purported goods works, he exuded a sanctimonious disdain for everyday citizens who make their living along the capitalist highways and by-ways of America.

The above cast of election-meddlers, of course, comes from the same mold.

Behind the Scenes: Signing Don't Ask Don't Tell Repeal

As to whether they shared Obama's political class arrogance, Peter Strzok left nothing to the imagination in his now celebrated texts to his gal-pal, Lisa Page:. And F Trump. In a word, the anti-Trump cabal is comprised of creatures of the state.