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Today, thousands of Christians are being held in detention without being charged with a crime or given the opportunity for trial. Other Christians, not yet detained, continue to flee the country. There are also reports of Christian leaders being tortured and asked to recant their faith or sign statements that vow they will not practice their faith, gather to worship or express their beliefs in any way.

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Unfortunately, while some Muslim groups face persecution as well, radical Muslims also appear to be gaining support from the government, including possibly even supplying one group with weapons. These radical Muslims are increasingly targeting Christians with violence and the state, who outlaws most Protestant groups, offers no protection. The government, in fact, denies persecution is even happening. Despite Amnesty International reporting arbitrary arrests without trial on a large scale, the government has called such claims unsubstantiated.

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Since the s, Open Doors has been working to strengthen believers in Eritrea through strategic partnerships with the local church. To aid persecuted Christians, Open Doors provides livelihood assistance, practical aid and discipleship support as well as raising awareness and prayer support.

Eritrea: A History of Christianity and Persecution For most of us, the separation of church and state is a given. Persecution in Eritrea Many other Christian groups not recognized by the government were forced to go underground to practice their religion, and adherents were threatened with severe consequences if caught gathering or worshipping. Open Doors in Eritrea Since the s, Open Doors has been working to strengthen believers in Eritrea through strategic partnerships with the local church.

Like us on Facebook:. Recent Stories. Myanmar pastor who called out abuses to Trump escapes criminal prosecution. God is often most visible when things are at their worst. The future of Christianity in India belongs to believers like Bahia. Then the foreign missionaries started new strategy, establishing schools in several places to give education to the Nagas as well as to teach the Bible.

In the school Bible was the text book. Later, large number of Nagas accepted Jesus and began new lives.

The Growth of Christianity The foreign missionaries had sowed the word of God into the heart of Nagas though the response of the people to the gospel was several manners but then the response was positive. In the beginning stage some Church building was built under trees or gather in houses. The Holy Spirit began to work in a very dynamic way among the Nagas. The spiritual awakening known as revival had totally changed Nagas. In the series of revival movement or spiritual awakening Nagas turned to Christian faith individually or whole society. Nagas Churches were crowded every day for fasting and praying was continued days after days.

We also see that many Churches are reconstructed and enlarged from time to time because of revival, crusades, conferences, and so on. Many 12 H. Yrs , IV Apr.

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Nuh, Nagaland Church and Politics, Hurt feelings of friend were renewed their friendship. And because of the work of the Holy Spirit Nagaland had become Christian state.

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However, after long struggle the Nagas held meeting on June at Kohima for the re-affirmed to abide and co-operated with the Church and to show respect to the Church and to God. Almost all the support and resources come from the local affiliated congregations and associations.

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NMM extended their works to reach out the unreached to give hope to the hopeless, to strengthen the weak in the name of Christ. He stayed with the Aos for some time to get acquainted with this tribe and to explore the possibility of introducing Catholic mission work among them. Meanwhile, the Baptists were not at all pleased to have the Catholic missionaries in Nagaland.

Accessed on 14th Sep Accessed on th 15 Sep Accessed on 18th Sep Accessed on 10th Sep And Bars was the first resident Catholic priest in Nagaland. Catholic established several educational institutions that create new philosophy, culture of the public. And the period between s and s great revival took place in Nagaland and the entire Nagaland became Christian state. However, on the other hand denominations also arise within Christian. The Nagaland Christian Revival Church formed in , grew out of the initial phase of this movement.

It had its origin in a village in Kohima district where, in , an event known as "The Great Awakening started. The revival emphasised believers having a personal encounter with Christ, the witnessing of signs and wonders such as miraculous healings , and having a missionary outreach to non-believing or nominally-Christian Nagas. But later different denominations started to insert in Naga Hills.

And then follow by Roman Catholics, Revivalists, and Pentecostals are the other Christian denomination numbers. Today the NMM has missionaries in many parts of India and beyond. Wherever missionaries are sent, a mission field is established and churches are planted. Thomas, The Nagaland Towards A. Accessed on 19th Sep Critical Analysis The coming of foreign missionaries to Naga Hills had opened the eyes of the people to see God more clearly.

Nagas were totally transformed through the work of the Holy Spirit. The coming of Christianity in Nagaland have changed in ever areas viz, traditions, beliefs, and lifestyle. However, on the other hand when Christianity was introduced with the people, Nagas were compiled to leave their own traditions, and asked to adopt foreign environment. And therefore Nagas have lost many good practices in the era of olden days. One interesting things is as Jesus had commended to His disciples to go and reach out the people in making disciples Matt presently, NMM is sending several missionaries in many places.

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On the other hand lately, many denominations are coming up and that create lot of crises within Churches. Churches are becoming more like competitive to one another. Church gives more priority to the outward appearance, rather than winning souls and spiritual grow. This is dangerous issue in Nagaland, because the more people looks on materials that much they will feel envy. Nagas have failed to produce responsible Christians who take up their cross daily and follow Christ. Nagas have failed to embed the radical character of Jesus that was demonstrated in cleansing the Temple.

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  7. Nagas love worshipping God through singing, praying and preaching, but not by putting our faith into action. Nagas become religious hypocrites. In many areas Naga failed to thank God. So, Nagas must realize that God has done the best for them through the ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    Nagas are really in need of revival fire like in the era of s. Conclusion We have vividly seen of the above discussion, so now to sum up the discussion in brief. We have seen Nagas had a long journey to settle Naga Hills, and interestingly even before the coming of the Christianity worshipped the God, creator. The Nagas were brave people and deeply religious people.

    Christianity did not make the Nagas religious, nor did Christianity bring God to Nagas. God was there before the arrival of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Christianity did not even identify God for the Nagas. The Nagas had already identified Him.


    Nagas view of God, that God own self-revelation in Jesus Christ. Naga people were fully changed because the work of the Holy Spirit. One interesting thing we see is the work of NMM, sending missionaries to various parts of the India, and beyond. In a meanwhile, Nagas have lost the spirit of revival period s. Bibliography Barpujari, H.